Missing man’s cadaver found
11/12/2017 | Roy

By Dan Toribio The body of a 49-year-old man was recovered in an area by the river in Sitio Poso, Manicahan, two days after he was reportedly taken by strong current. Sangali Police Station Commande [ ... ]

Inside Stories

Duterte wins Time Magazine’s online poll for ‘most influential’
20/04/2017 | Roy

Based on the result, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte got a five percent “yes” votes since March until last Sunday night in Time Magazine’s 2017 poll for its yearly Time 100 list. The Time  [ ... ]


Inclusivity amid differences
11/12/2017 | Roy

REFLECTION BY FR. ROY CIMAGALA THE secret, to be blunt, is to be Christ-like. That’s the only way we can have an inclusive outlook in life in spite of our  unavoidable differences and conflicts i [ ... ]