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Friday, 04 April 2014 11:11

Tomorrow, my favorite principal will retire.

When I was an applicant for a teaching position at the Division Office, Dr. Munar was one of the supervisors there. She told her fellow supervisors very casually to hire me, because I was intelligent. She may not remember this, but the clerk assisting them told me, and ever since, I have always been grateful to Dr. Munar for this informal recommendation.

While many administrators make it a habit to disapprove of their teachers for the reason maybe that that they perform better, Dr. Munar, approves of us, and is vocal about it.  We receive appreciations from her instead of criticisms. This is big deal to me, because when I was a new teacher, an administrator always criticized me to my co-teachers and students.  I performed quite poorly at that time, because her daily tirades muddled my thinking and made me doubt my judgments.

Dr. Munar does not give us inconsiderate orders like reporting to school on a Saturday, or requires  us to wear uniform even if there are no  more classes or makes us stay till four o’clock even when the rain is strong. There are no unnecessary requirement like that.  Dr. Munar believes on the sanctity of a Saturday.  She said that on a Saturday, the teachers should prepare special dishes or go on a picnic and do only the enjoyable things in life.

When my co-teacher almost failed to attend a conference, Dr. Munar went out her way to facilitate everything so she would be able to go. I mention this, because I was with her that time, and I saw the happiness of my colleague when Dr. Munar started to take charge of her dilemma.  And she has done this kind of thing many times to her other teachers.  Dr. Munar is not selfish and does not deprive unreasonably.

I heard of an administrator who just stays inside her very clean office, and when the teachers go there, they have to remove their shoes. Her reception towards them is also as cold as the floor the teachers is stepping on.

Dr. Munar is the opposite. She stays at the outer office most of the time, and we see her whenever we pass by.  Any teacher can approach her and talk about anything. She is accessible anytime,  whether you are a department head, an ordinary teacher, a parent or a student.

I have always been secretly impressed by how quick Dr. Munar can make wise decisions.  I have seen her several times in action.and it is very interesting to observe her explaining issues  very calmly and discerningly to irate teachers.

Dr. Munar is generous, friendly with all of  us,  encourages us to pursue masters and doctorate degrees,does not snub the programs and activities of any department no matter how simple,  and gives us entertaining, no-nonsense speeches and many more.

And because Dr. Munar regards  us more like her friends than her subordinates, our connection with her, will not end on her retirement day.

So happy birthday  Dr. Munar!  Thank you for  giving us one of the happiest years in our teaching career!