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Friday, 25 April 2014 11:30



Technology Education is  learning activities dealing with the development of technical skills, knowledge and attitudes related to production or service occupation  for effective citizenship, or preparing people for employment in technical occupation or upgrading persons who are actually employed or engaged in technical occupations.

It is characterized by the use of tools, equipments , machines, or devices, the development of skills, the acquisition of technical knowledge and related information, the formation of desirable attitudes and values and the development of systematic, effective and safe work habits. It is designed to improve people for work and to function effectively on the job and in the society.

It is because of technology that makes the world abundant of products and results. There is no place in our surroundings where the use of technology  or its results is not evident. The use of various technology in varying degrees and complexity has became a part of everyday life.

General technology is an indispensable component in elementary education which consists the basis and universal education to  the people. As a part of elementary education, general education( Home Economics and Livelihood Education) is well conceived. In the light of the fast- changing technological environment,  and life style of people, and the increasing application of technology in the home and in the work environment, the component of technology should  be reviewed and updated.

Adequate instructional facilities for technology education  in all elementary schools must be provided and upgrading of existing facilities should be undertaken. Likewise, development and/or retraining of technology teachers should receive priority in forthcoming development programs. These are strategic action programs that are needed to improve technology education in the elementary schools.