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Monday, 26 May 2014 14:33


I would like to inform that I recently launched VROOM – Vigilant & Responsible Owners Of Motorbikes.


I am a victim of an irresponsible driving of motorcycle.  Last April 13, 2014, a speeding motorcycle driven by a 20 year old guy sideswiped me and hit my two feet badly inside a subdivision in  Valencia City, Bukidnon.  The 20-year old guy  was driving without a license.

Personal CRUSADE

While nursing my injured feet, I thought of launching  anational movement that will help educate and create awareness for the thousands  of  driver-owners of motorbikes in particular, and for the millions of pedestrian-public in general.

Objective of VROOM

A crusade for the safety of driver-owners of motorcycles and the general public.

VROOM Slogan

Think Safety.  Drive Safely.

VROOM IEC Campaign

- start from the barangay level

- onwards to city/municipal

- province regional

- nationwide

* Organize VROOM motorcycle support groups

* Link up with LTO, LTFRB and other agencies of govt

* Network with motorcycle manufacturers and dealers

* Connect with Congress for the passage of bill requiring motorcycle manufacturers and dealers to put in place safety net for users’ protection and the general public