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Thursday, 28 August 2014 12:58


Achieving Excellence: Getting Started With Values, and Gender-sensitivity. These are the topics during a two-day seminarrecently.
The first day of the seminar was held at the campus of Southcom National High School on August 23, 2014. The seminar was attended by teachers and non-teaching staff of the school which was initiated by the school principal Ms. Gloria P. Carpio. With her vision of  bringing into the school professionalism among her subordinates, the principal upon officially assuming the position last August 05, 2014, started to introduce  reforms within the school premises. These reforms include the conduct of a series of seminar workshops, leadership trainings as well as physical  transformations inside the campus, as she was planning to bring the school towards a new era of  academic excellence, professionalism of teachers and quality education anchored on values whose products are functionally literate graduates.
The seminar was timely and helpful because the topics presented were academically relevant to meet the challenges inside the classroom whose students are composed of different individuals of different behaviors from different cultures. The lone speaker, Mr. Santos E. Getalado,  who came from Tacloban, Leyte, was the perfect person who  enlightened all of us by his “magical presentations” of his expertise on how to transform a person into a human being. How to deal with co-workers in a work place, how to deal with students’ behavior. Respecting the differences among men and women. These are but only few of the purpose of the seminar.
Two days of value-packed presentations had served its purpose. The versatility of the speaker in doing his job was the biggest factor in the transformation of the participants. Emotions were pouring into the venue literally. Listeners were laughing, and crying, silence filled the venue when the speaker started to talk and ponder on the words. Then, without a cue, some tears just fell from their eyes. Laughter would bring the house down when he crack some jokes.
The second day of the seminar, August 24, 2014,  was held at the Seafood House in San Roque, this city. The speaker oriented the participants about Gender Sensitivity. Its importance focused on respect due to everyone, whether you are a male, a female, or a student within the school or any other similar work places. Thus, it emphasized the people and their relationship with each other.
The seminar was culminated with the induction of the GPTA officers of the Southcom National High School. The Induction officer was  the Barangay Captain of Calarian, Honorable El King Omaga.
Indeed, changes of hearts were obvious among the participants. Those who were not in good terms for a number of years were hugging, and now, laughing together. Some were sighing in relief as if they had seen a real drama in the making. Really, the magical words of wisdom of the speaker was infectious as happy faces were glowing with hopes and ready to accept challenges.
However, positive effects of the seminar is still hanging, and swinging towards what directions as participants are still going to apply it within their respective workplace. As the speaker proverbially put it, and paraphrasing it “The Twilight is just Welcoming the Dawn of a New Day.” — Ranolfo A. Infante, SST- I, Southcom  National  High  School