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Tuesday, 02 September 2014 12:14



One of the complications of measles is blindness, health authorities say.

Liza Mercado,fondly called as Liza Liit, 40, one of the most recommended blind masseur at RM Massage Clinic located on Isetann Recto in Manila, said that she was seven-years-old when complication of measles struck her leading to her blindness.

Mercado said her parents opted to choose her to live despite being told that she will grow with disability.

“It is not easy to be blind”, Mercado said, adding that she lost her sight at the age of nine that almost crushed her life affecting her functional ability, self-esteem and led her to loss interest in mingling with friends.

But measles vaccination was not made available in the 70s, Liza added.

This as the Philippines launched the expanded program on immunization (EPI) in 1979, five years after the World Health Organization launched its EPI in 1974.

Knowing that there is September month-long Measles-Rubella and Oral Polio vaccination at health centers or vaccination health post, Mercado urged parents and guardians to bring their children 0 to 5 years of age.

Mercado said that they should take time to bring their children to health centers.

Dubbed “Ligtas sa Tigdas. Magkaisa. Magpabakuna”, the supplemental vaccines campaign of the Department of Health (DOH) starting Monday targets 11 million children for Measles-Rubella vaccination and 13 million children to get the oral polio vaccine.

Parents and guardian are reminded that it is not enough that a child gets first dose of measles vaccine by the ninth month but needs to get the second dose to complete the 100 percent protection against the virus.

No less than President Benigno Aquino III leads Monday the intensified mass immunization to be held at the DOH Conventional Hall together with Health Secretary Enrique T. Ona.

The DOH vows to cover 95 percent of children in the mass immunization to prevent measles virus transmission and prevent a potential outbreak.

This is enlightening campaign for Mercado and other blind masseurs who usually open up their sad stories of measles complications during the massage sessions to many customers like me.