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Tuesday, 02 September 2014 12:15



In today’s era of technological transformation, changes in the way we live, the’way we think and even in the way we work are inevitable. Hence, the astute recognition of the impact of Science and Technology in our daily lives is highly in demand to keep pace with this fast changing world.

It is a fact, that learning is a never ending process for one to enjoy, for it is when we discover new things that we come to find joy and fun in learning begins. This is the heart of the Enhanced Basic Education Curriculum, the K 12 Curriculum.

The trend in teaching Science now requires an empowered individual who must be equipped with knowledge and competence to engage in any task and be productive. Thus, educators must have to hone their potentials with new styles and latest trends in education. They have to employ innovations in the teaching and learning process, thereby u eating globally competitive learners.

Educators have to hone their craft with a lots of latest trends to produce learners who could take a more active role in the field of education. Teachers need to enrich the pupils’ experiences and keep them engage in hands on, minds-on and hearts-on experiences.

Teachers must be adept in adapting their instruction through various interventions for better access to quality learning. Such a stance, recognizes the birth of computers and internets where learners a\e given the great opportunity to explore and embark on various challenges by themselves to develop their critical and creative thinking skills.

Certainly, nowadays the world is fast growing in science and technology. The trend for computer, laptop, ipod, cellular phones, digital cameras are evolving in the lives of both young and old alike. It is the role therefore of the teachers in the K-12 Curriculum to build strong links between science and technology and to challenge them to develop their young minds into critical ones. They must be the pupils’ staunch advocate to influence the spright-spirit of pupils to achieve, sustain and promote lifelong learning.

Science and technology plays a vital role in this fast changing world. Hence, there is a vital role in this fast changing world. Hence, there is a need for teachers and learners to update oneself and to level up the teaching and learning process- to cope up with the standards of learning with the implementation of the K-12 Curriculum, — Alan C. Enolpe/Tumalutab Elementary School Teacher in charge