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Saturday, 25 October 2014 12:00

After a two-year exploratory period, San Ramon Power Incorporated (SRPI) in its communication to the ZAMBOECOZONE and Freeport Authority last January 15, 2013, declared the suitability of the designated 30-hectare area at the  ZAMBOECOZONE Second Industrial Park and expressed its intent to pursue its estimated P8.85 billion project to build and operate a 100 Mega-watt coal-fired fluidized bed boiler Power Plant at the ZAMBOECOZONE. SRPI is a subsidiary of Alson Power Group.

A secondary area of 3.70 hectares was also identified and subsribed by SRPI at the seafront stretch of the 2nd Industrial Park, and directly across its plant site, for the construction of itsseaport facility for the offloading of the imported coal that it shall use in its operations.

In its resolution last January 25, 2013, the ZAMBOECOZONE and Freeport Authority (ZFA) Board of Directors approved and confirmed the Lease Agreement of SRPI covering the operation of the 100MW Coal-fired Power Plant with Port Facility, which was subsequently ratified by a Memorandum of Agreement entered into by and between SRPI and ZAMBOECOZONE last January 27, 2013.

The lease agreement detailed among others the provisions for SRPI to pay ZAMBOECOZONE P9,001,050  as advance payment for 15 months covering the lease rental period from October, 2013 to December 2014. The SRPI-ZAMBOECOZONE Memorandum of Lease Agreement also called for SRPI to pay an amount of P1,200,140  as security deposit, among others.

SRPI’s payment of a total of P10,246,202 in lease rental fees and security deposit was due to ZAMBOECOZONE since October, 2013, and was reflected in the billing statement issued by the Authority to SRPI last November 8, 2013.  A second billing statement for the same amount was again issued to SRPI last November 26, 2013.

On December 12, 2013, the ZFA Board of Directors convened to hear and grant the request of SRPI to reduce the lease rental from  P600,070  to P100,000  for the three months from October to December, 2013, out of regard to the aggravation and disruption brought about by the month-long Zamboanga Siege and other relevant considerations. In the same resolution, ZAMBOECOZONE Board Resolution No. 2013-12-10, the ZFA Board also approved the lease  rental of Php 600,070for the first year as inscribed in the lease agreement between SRPI and ZAMBOECOZONE shall take effect on January of 2014.

As a result of the December 12, 2013 ZFA Board Resolution, a third billing statement was issued to SRPI last January 8, 2014, for the amount of P10,282,206.20 covering the payment for the 15-month advance lease rental, security deposit and penalty surcharge.

Last March, 2014, the Authority cleared the 33-hectare area subscribed by SRPI at the Second Industrial Park of all illegal settlers and was duly turned over and received by SRPI, as stipulatedby the terms and conditions of the ZFA-SRPI the lease agreement. The same month, SRPI payed ZAMBOECOZONE its back-rental for the period to October to December, 2013, amounting to Php 300,000.00, which was received by the Authority without any increment penalty surcharge.

Between April 2 to July 1, 2014, the ZAMBOECOZONE and Freeport Authority issued the 4th to the 7th billing statements to SRPI for the amount of Php 10,246,202.20. In July 11, 2014, ZAMBOECOZONE issued the First Notice and Demand to pay unpaid lease rental fees, security deposit, and penalty surchage, amounting to Php 10,246,202.20, which was dully received by SRPI on July 14, 2014. The Authority gave SRPI fifteen days or until July 29, 2014, to settle its account with ZAMBOECOZONE. After failing to liquidate its acounts with ZAMBOECOZONE, the Authority issued the Second Notice and Demand to pay unpaid rental fees and other charges to SRPI, which was dully received by its representative and sent to its Makati office by registered mail last August 11, 2014. Similarly, ZAMBOECOZONE gave SRPI fifteen days or until August 26, 2014,  to settle its acount.

Following the second time SRPI failed to settle its due account with ZAMBOECOZONE, the Authority referred the matter to the Office of the Government Corporate Counsel for final demand.

The ZAMBOECOZONE and Freeport Authority seeks to amicably settle this matter and desires to maintain its good business relationship with its most valued locator, SRPI, as it strives to fulfill its mandate and realize its mission to develop the zone into the premier growth and development center in Southern Philippines with Zamboanga as the center for trade and investment.