Call your loved ones abroad for as low as P1.50 per minute with Sun Todo 200 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 28 October 2014 11:14

Calling your loved ones abroad has become a lot easier and more affordable than ever with Sun Todo IDD 200, which offers calls to the United States and other top destinations at a special IDD rate of only P1.50 per minute.

The special rate of P1.50 per minute also applies to calls in Brunei, Canada, China, Guam, Hawaii, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, and Northern Marianas.

Available to all Sun Prepaid subscribers, the Sun Todo IDD 200 is a fully consumable load on top of your regular load which you can use to connect with friends and relatives using any handset, anytime and anywhere.

With the affordable rates of Sun Todo IDD 200, you are able to enjoy long, unhurried conversations with loved ones that will surely help you feel closer despite the distance.

Send TODOIDD200 to 247

You may convert your regular prepaid load to Sun TodoIDD 200 by simply texting TODOIDD200 to 247.You may also also avail of it though all Xpress load retailers nationwide.

Valid for 45 days, Sun Todo IDD 200 does not require you to maintain a minimum load, making sure that your conversations with loved ones are stretched to the last remaining balance.

Once the Sun Todo IDD is loaded on your mobile phone, you just simply need to dial 00 + country code +area code + phone number.

Connect to more countries at special IDD rates

Sun TodoIDD 200 also offers a very low rate of P2 per minute for calls made to relatives in Singapore, and P5 per minute of calls to Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan and Macau.

Moreover, it offers a rate of P8 per minute for calls directed to those in Japan, Italy, Bahrain and Kuwait, and a rate of P10 per minute to those in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Spain and France.

Keeping tabs on your balance to know how long you can extend a conversation is also as simple dialing *221# on your handset. After dialing the number, a message will arrive shortly, indicating your available balance.

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