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Friday, 14 November 2014 14:16

SULU – Sulu has successfully concluded a four-day sports competition participated by hundreds of athletes from different schools in the province. Thousands of people also flocked to the annual sports event.

The Sulu Provincial Athletics Association Meet was so successful that next year’s event is expected to draw thousands of people from different towns here. This year’s theme “School Sports in the Context of K to 12 Curriculum and Beyond” showed the camaraderie and unity not only of teachers and athletes and their trainers, but the people of Sulu as well.

The event was held at the provincial sports complex in Patikul town which was packed with people as it were in the previous years.

Governor Totoh Tan, who is the chairman of Sulu Sports Development Council, and Vice Governor Sakur Tan have actively supported the event. Governor Tan, himself a sportsman, has urged the youth and the students to get actively in sports because it is not only good for the health, but also improve the activity of the brains and every organ in the body.

“The interest in sports, both as a hobby and a competitive undertaking, should be instilled among the youth, and if possible while they are still in their primary level of education and the the fact that sports is integral to the holistic concept in education,” he said.

Vice Governor Tan, who opened the sports competition along with education officials, said he was elated to see the overwhelming response of the people to the annual sports competition.

It was during his administration that the sprawling sports complex was built – complete with track and field oval, a swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, and other facilities. The complex, surrounded by flower gardens and trees, is also adorned with colored lights and fountains.

“I have always espoused for our youth to excel in any fields of their choosing, and I still do. Our development vision for Sulu to be realized to the fullest extent within our human and material means is conditioned on the premise that we must craft and develop a mentally and physically able citizenry who can absorb the arduous tasks and responsibilities demanded by the endeavor. The school is the initial machinery where values and right mindset can be had through the tireless efforts of the teaching profession,” Vice Governor Tan said.

“As Sulu is a single entity, let not demarcations divide us and we should zealously guard and preserve our unity as a people. The value of sports in education and the development of individuals equipped physically and mentally have been bannered in slogans and catch-phrases yet the provision of resources towards this end are insufficient. I believe all stakeholders in this noble effort should go beyond the semantics and walk the talk. Education can never be compromised and our educators should not shy away from relaying concerns and suggestions relative to their field in all available forums,” he added.

Aside from the stunningly beautiful sports complex, the provincial government has also gone out of its way to provide assistance to many schools to punctuate the importance it accord to matters of education, but it can only do so much. — Franzie Sali and Al Jacinto