Statement of NUJP-Zamboanga City on the International Day Against Impunity PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 24 November 2014 11:36

NUJP-Zamboanga y el Dia Mundial Contra La Impunidad:  Una Declaracion

While it has been an unprecedented record of 58 horrific killings of journalists in one day in the Philippines five years ago, there is much more to be looked into with this blatant case of multiple injustices.

November 23 as the International Day Against Impunity is observed by journalists and media workers worldwide across global media (TV, radio, print, and online), and we in Zamboanga City (Philippines) join our colleagues in the media profession who commemorate the 23rd of November also in remembrance of 58 Mindanao reporters and media workers who have become incidental victims of a pre-election conflict in 2009.

5 years.  58 murders. And an incredible zero case of justice delivered. This is an outright manifestation of how the Philippine justice system is in extreme poverty, despite the richness of the robes that judges and justices wear in the supposed august Halls of Justice.  The legal battles fought by the families of those who lost their lives that fateful day in Maguindanao 5 years ago have been tremendous hurdles, and each ordeal at the courtroom was never assuaged with the death or unexplainable disappearance of every viable witness.

This is not a mere case of injustice for 58 media workers, but one grave case of injustice for the entire media profession.  This is a not a mere observance if not appeal to end impunity, but one drastic call and sincere plea for the Philippine judiciary to get well, in terms of getting its system better and delivering more resolved cases, and not getting the justices and judges’ bank accounts healthier.

Let us put an end to hearing and knowing of cases where the rich and the powerful go free after the commission of their crimes which they should be held responsible for. Let us not nurture impunity in Mindanao.  Let us put an end to that culture of impunity in the Philippines. — Maria Frencie Carreon, National Union of Journalists of the Philippines- NUJP-Zamboanga City Chairman