Sibugay passes ordinances to ‘cleanse’ rubber industry PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 26 November 2014 11:37

In a bid to resuscitate the ailing rubber industry in the province and the entire region, in general, the Zamboanga Sibugay Provincial Government approved three (3) ordinances that will improve and cleanse the rubber industry from using spurious coagulants and stuffing by farmers and producers.

Speaking at the Rubber Quality Improvement Advocacy Seminar conducted by the Department of Trade and Industry-9, Zamboanga Sibugay Provincial Chair on Agriculture Board Member Joel Ebol said starting December 8, all ordinances will be implemented, penalizing farmers, producers, and traders that will violate the same.

“By December 8, we will start implementing or enacting ordinances and we will penalize those caught violating it”, Board Member Ebol said.

These ordinances are: 1) Creation of Zamboanga Sibugay Rubber Industry Board; 2) Prohibition of farmers and producers from using earth materials and fruits as stuffing of rubber lumps; and 3) prohibition of traders and processors in buying dirty or adulterated raw rubber products.

The said ordinances were passed in the wake of rampant adulteration of rubber products by farmers and producers that has drastically affected the quality and prices of rubber in the region.

“We approved an ordinance in March 2011 prohibiting our farmers and producers from using battery solution as coagulant. But I am dismayed that some of our barangay officials supply battery solution to our famers. It is painful to hear that public officials contribute to the degradation of our rubber”, Ebol Lamented.

Ebol explained to all rubber stakeholders in his province that these ordinances are not aimed against the farmers but a tool to help the industry stand up from its present situation and straighten all malpractices by them.

“Why are we doing this? Most of our farmers complain about our rubber industry deteriorating, but we never asked ourselves what are we doing to improve the quality of our rubber?” he pointed.

Ebol furthered that if rubber farmers and producers want to improve on their sales, they have to improve the quality of their products first and quit blaming the government about the plight of the industry.

“Let us help each other to uplift our industry. If we can improve our quality, then we can demand for higher buying price in the market”, Ebol stressed.

Ebol also asked all stakeholders to fully participate in the newly created Rubber Industry Board.

“The creation of the Zamboanga Sibugay Rubber Board empowers different sectors as member of the board that will formulate plans and regulations, and conduct researches that will greatly benefit the industry. We are urging our farmers, traders, operators, and processors to participate in the rubber board”, he said.

He also called on all participants to help them in the dissemination of information among their co-farmers and other stakeholders on the ordinances approved to avoid future problems with the law.

Rubber traders and processors are also warned in buying dirty or adulterated raw rubber products. The Provincial Government met with traders and processors in the province to discuss the said ordinance and immediately threw their support by signing a pledge of commitment.

However, to avoid losses on the part of farmers, it was agreed that rubber products on standby be sold or disposed first, and that succeeding production should adhere to ordinances issued.— (MVC/DTI-9