DTI informs public how to spot fake ICC stickers PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 29 November 2014 14:01



To protect the consumers from substandard Christmas lights and other products, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) revealed how to spot fake ICC stickers being used by some unscrupulous businessmen to dupe buyers into thinking their products are of standards.

Mr. Ceferino J. Rubio, DTI-Zamboanga City Office Consumer Protection Division Chief, briefed the media and buyers during a random monitoring of some stores Thursday on how to detect imitation stickers.

“For the benefit of our consumers, for you to spot fake ICC stickers, check the packaging if it bears the sticker, it’s about one inch in diameter, silvery or hologram in color with ICC mark in the middle. Next, peel off the sticker. It should have the word “VOID” or for the latest, the DTI marking because the stickers are made and issued by DTI. If these are not found, therefore, it is fake,” Rubio said.

Another unique marking of the ICC sticker, according to Rubio, is its number code.

“No two ICC stickers bear the same number code which can be found in the sticker’s interface. If you see two or more ICC stickers with the same coding, it is definitely fake”, Rubio added.

If after checking, the consumers find out that the security markings are missing, Rubio urged the public to file their complaints with DTI for appropriate action. He also warned those business establishments caught violating the law.

“In case of violation, we will fine the establishment a minimum of P17,500.00. In case of complaints, our consumers can go to our office or call us at 991-2705 or 991-2704,” Rubio said.

During the random inspection, Rubio noted that most of the establishments are compliant on the Law on Standards. However, few small scale stores were caught using fake stickers, most of which are those budget stores where Christmas lights and other products are sold at a cheaper price.

The DTI Enforcement Team did not confiscate the products with fake stickers, but instead listed the names of the owners of the establishments for appropriate action.

Just recently, two establishments were penalized by DTI for the same violation with and were made to pay P17,500 each.

Aside from the checking of Christmas lights, DTI is also checking on compliance of business establishments on price tag law, sales promotion law, and all other standard laws of DTI. — MVC/DTI-9