Health expert bares tips on how to lessen too much calories intake this holiday season PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 04 December 2014 13:51



As holiday season is fast approaching, temptations to eat more calories and increase in body weight are likely to occur.

While the season offers lots of good food to enjoy, a health expert said there are ways to trim down the calories by just following some tips.

According to Dr. Sheryl Tugna from the Philippine Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism who shared some advice during a health forum conducted by the Philippines College of Physician (PCP) in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, using smaller plates is highly recommended instead of skipping meals in avoiding to take the food.

“Skipping meals will just result in over eating,” Dr. Tugna as she pointed out that using smaller plates will make the person who is eating that her plate is already full and enough.

Tugna said that it is important to take a little of everything instead of getting a lot of one thing; and to consider choosing drinks with lesser calories;

She also said that it will also be wise to promote healthy lifestyle by turning down every glass of alcohol or soft drink by opting to choose water instead.

For those who will prepare foods in the comforts of their homes, she said that it is wiser not to prepare too much food because the tendency is to keep on eating the left-over so that it will not get spoiled.

She also recommends the use of herbs and spices in flavoring vegetable rather than butter or cream.

Other tips include trimming of fat in meat before cooking them or serve fresh fish or sea foods instead.

For those who are bringing food in their home, she said that it is better if they will avoid taking home some food because that will just lead to tempt them from eating even if they are already “full”.

For those who are spending the holiday by eating outside she recommends that “buffet restaurants” should be avoided because in such setting, the tendency to eat more will likely to happen.

Lastly, if the person feels that she/he overeats, it is important to exercise, it will take only an hour to do it, she said.

And if one can stay long surfing the net, having no time to exercise is not an excuse, she adds.