What makes the Sped Center unique? PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 25 January 2015 15:22


The Special Education Center of Curuan Central School, Curuan District has been in operation for three (3) years now. Both for higher extremes and lower extremes. What makes  the Sped Center unique? It is spending time with special children. Being with them is a great opportunity and having them around in school campus really makes a great difference.

One occasion, we presented a song interpretation by merely doing an action. We tried to give our best performance using our hands, but during our presentation the audiences who were  also teachers were laughing because our principal had added another actions and these made the sense of the lyrics of the song very different. Our participation on the program was deaf advocacy. All Sped teachers are committed to stepping up to the fore and bridging the gap between the deaf and hearing communities.

The Special Education Center has gifted and talented (GT) teachers with passion committed for excellence and can teach both levels in Special Education Program. There are parents of special children think they cannot succeed. But later it was discovered by them that sending their children to SPED CENTER would make a remarkable difference. If we have a son or a daughter with special needs, the best thing that we should do is to accept, learn to live with him/her the way God had given to us. We must understand that there’s a purpose in everything under heaven. If early interventions could be met, they will become better persons. SPED teachers who are blessed with patience and talent can make the difference. There are other children leveled with them in our community. What is important is to bring them to the Sped Center that could cater their needs so they will learn to live by themselves just like other children. Deaf and other special children are more appreciative and diligent. They can do anything that normal people can’t do. The way we communicate with them may be different, but they are normal people just like anyone else. They are more capable in adjusting just to meet the demands set for them. Treat them equally the way we treat others as they are the same as we are part of the society. -- Eloisa Ledesma Camins, Elementary Grades Treacher III, Curuan Central School, Curuan District, Zamboanga City