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Wednesday, 08 June 2011 14:03

“At 40: The Search for the Golden crescent Achievers continues…”.
It is with this exhortation that the Golden Crescent Achievement Awards has evolved from a plain awarding to outstanding student leaders from selected schools to a prestigious award giving body that seeks to establish a society that could bring about greater change in the society.

Founded by Prof. Ali T. Yacub, Al-Hj, the Golden Crescent Consortium of Peace Builders and Affiliates (GCCPBA) is now affiliated with the Golden Crescent Peace Council, Muslim Group of the Interreligious Solidarity Movement for Peace.

The Golden Crescent Achievement Award for Leadership was established in 1970 for the purpose of recognizing outstanding Muslim students in selected schools in Zamboanga City. It is awarded annually to students who are chosen by duly composed committees, following specific criteria or guidelines.

The first two original participating institutions were the Zamboanga A.E. Colleges High School Department and the Zamboanga City High School (Main). However, the ZAEC High School ceased operation in 1991. At present, the following schools which are the recipients of the award are: ZCHS-Main, Zamboanga National High School (West), Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School, Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College High School Department, Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology Laboratory High School,  the Zamboanga A.E. College now Universidad de Zamboanga- Technical High School, the ZION Evangelical School, Regional Science High School and lately the Ferndale International School.

The award is envisioned to contribute to the cause of peace as well as the creation of the culture of peace. The awardees must focus their energy in the promotion of peace in their schools and communities, thereby, contributing to the peace of the country in particular and the world in general.

Through the years, the founder, on his own effort funded this award which benefitted many students to this day.  Now many of them are leaders of their community,  exemplifying the philosophy of this award in their daily activities.

The year 2010-2011, the Golden Crescent Achievement Award has reached its Ruby (48th year) anniversary. The founder thought it wise that he relinquishes some of the award obligations and responsibilities to the organization which he himself has organized.

The founder however still retains the honor o f being the donor of the medallions which he has been bestowing since 1970. Nonetheless, this does not mean that kind-hearted individuals are prevented from becoming donors/benefactors of the award.  In fact, Golden Crescent Alumni are encouraged to be co-sponsors of medallions which are annually bestowed to chosen recipients.

King D. Fronda, a Golden Crescent Leadership Awardee on March 2006 from Zamboanga City High School Main said:“I am happy that Golden Crescent still exists”. Arsharip Taup, who graduated from Southern City Colleges and 1995 awardee for leadership shared that “it was a twist of fate to be an awardee”. He is currently working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; he is looking forward to be of help to the organization. Meanwhile, Benjamin Sarapuddin, alumnus of Zamboanga A.E. Colleges now Universidad de Zamboanga, was awarded in year 1986. He  shared “I’m more than happy to participate, although I’m based in United Kingdom at the moment”.
The Golden Crescent Achievement award has been bestowed to significant individuals and respected personalities throughout the years since its creation in 1969. --ALDRIN B. ABDURAHIM