Erratic peace and order, not an excuse not to develop ZamPen’s economy PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 February 2015 11:53



Department of Trade and Industry-9 Regional Director Dr. Sitti Amina M. Jain emphatically challenged all industry stakeholders in the region to stop using the volatile peace and order situation as an excuse for not doing every possible means to develop and promote the region as an investment destination.

“Peace and order is given. It has always been an issue since we can remember. We just have to contend with it. But we, especially the government agencies tasked to develop the regional economy should not use peace and order as an alibi for not doing our job”, Dir. Jain said during the opening of the Coconut Industry Planning in Dipolog City.

Jain said the problem with peace and order is the concern of the military and police and they are doing everything in their capacity to address it.

“Let them do their job and let us also do our job in promoting and developing the industry so that the regional economy would grow”, she stressed.

Jain said no matter how erratic the peace and order may be, “It should not deter our efforts in developing our industries.

Although Jain directly addressed concerned government agencies, she also posed the same challenge to private industry players.

“I have been repeating this over and over again. But this holds true always. In industry development 30% is with the government, the remaining 70% lies in your hands, our private partners. You have to lead us to where you want the industry to be. Not the other way around. We are here to support you”, she said.

Jain said the promotion of the region as an investment destination is the primary goal not just of the office but of other government agencies tasked to ensure the development of the region’s economy.

“This is our mandate. We (government agencies) should do whatever is best despite of the problems in peace and order. We cannot afford to see other regions develop while we stagnate and fail to do our mandate because of our peace and order situation”, she said.

As a way to promote the region, DTI will be holding a Regional Investment Conference on October.

“We will highlight the region’s opportunities and potential and attract investors to come to the region. This is just one of our ways to promote our region as investment destination”, Dir. Jain said. — MVC/DTI-9