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Saturday, 14 February 2015 11:50



For the very first time in Zamboanga City a chavacano club for local young people has been formed amid the westernization  of our culture. A club that will impact the next generations of our youth to be the promoter of our cultural heritage

Based on the observations in the capacity as one of the pioneer scholars of cultural education, a closer look into the current situation regarding the rich cultural heritage of  Zamboanga City and its people revealed interesting facts. The very young people of Zamboanga City must be inculcated with a sense of pride as a Zamboangueòo and resident of Zamboanga City in the light of the beautiful, meaningful heritage embedded in its unique culture. This situation needs to be address right now in anticipation of the corrosive Western culture exported lifestyle which is destructive to our own culture. This led to the formation of the “CHAVACANO KIDZ CLUB” and one of its aims is to promote, and preserve the local culture of Zamboanga City/Zamboangueòos particulary  the chavacano dialect. As an educational organization its vision foresees the continuous flourishing and use of Chavacano as a peculiar medium of communication and instruction in education. It will foster the spirit of nationalism and patriotism in the impressionable minds and characters of the young Zamboangueòos, both the chavacano-speaking children as well as the youth  will ever be conscious of their rich cultural heritage as a people.

The CHAVACANO KIDZ CLUB seeks to achieve the following objectives:

1.   To create an awareness of love and appreciation of the cultural heritage of Zamboanga City and Zamboangueòos.

2.   To encourage the use of Chavacano as a medium of communication and instruction in education.

3.   To introduce approaches and activities for the facilitation of knowledge and usage of Chavacano among non-speakers of Chavacano.

4.   To engage in consistent and sustainable programs and policies conducive to frequent use of Chavacano in the appreciation of the beautiful and rich culture of Zamboanga City

With the creation of this club we will be able to come up a generation that will continue to preserve and promote our local culture most specially our own dialect from becoming extinct.