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Friday, 16 September 2011 14:59


Like any other Muslims in this country, I have been called a Filipino without me knowing it. Born a Tausug and educated under a “Filipinized American System of Education, the system that satanizes society”.

In Grade  School convocations children are made to sing “The Lupang Hinirang” in part it says; “Ang bituin at araw niya kailan pa ay di magdidilim”. But in the darkness of the night the “araw” is not seen. At day time under sun’s brightness the “bituin” is now visible. These are just wordly phenomenon, the alternation of the night and the day, the darkness and the light, that attest to the fallacy of the above Anthems lyric which ends with; “Ang mamatay ng dahil sa’yo”, putting the right hand over the left breast. But how about the dreadful darkness of the Day of Judgment when the sun and stars shall no longer shine through eternity? I have misgivings about Muslims singing of the National Anthem particularly the above – cited lyric without constituting un-Islamic act of Shir’k and/or MUNAFIQ.

The issue of Ancestral Domain is non-negotiable. Why negotiate on something that you own? What is the greater portion, like the whole of Palawan pirated away ala cattle rustling, and others that have been gobbled up by the tsunami of settlers from Luzon and the Visayas? Return them without referendum, and have peace in Mindanao.

I am resentful. After 21 years of service I opted to retire in 1989 rather than report to Cotabato. The Office, DILG 9-B of which I was the Assistant Regional Director, was among those devolved to the ARMM. I refused in answer to my “Tough Guy image” Secretary Luis Santos, because the ARMM as I saw it then may only cause me and the people some kind of cramp. Some 20 years after the virtual “tongue-lashing” by my Secretary, I was vindicated. The Maguindanao massacre was just one of the many cramps that led many people to their common graves, others behind bars, No ARMM, No cramps, No Maguindanao massacre.

Divine justice and the wrath of God have finally dawned upon the modern-day tyrants reminiscent of the ruthless Phar-aoh (Fer’awn) of Ancient Egypt who declared himself as “god the highest” of the enslaved children of Israel. Phar-aoh (Fer’awn) and his hosts all drowned in the Sea of Galilee while in pursuit of Prophet Moses (P.B.U.H.) and the liberated children of Israel. Luckily for the “Fer’awns” of Maguindanao who may only be behind “stone walls and prison bars” for the rest of their lives and not to drown in the murky waters of the Rio Grande River.

More cramps. I have lost three brothers in the service of government. First, one was ambushed by criminal elements while reporting for duty as District Supervisor of an Island Municipality in 1978. One was shocked as a consequence. At the time I was still on bondage for post thyroid operation. In 1994, another brother, a COMELEC Officer, was murdered in Sirawai, Zamboanga del Norte, in defense of the integrity of the COMELEC. (I myself was a COMELEC Officer for 7 years in Sulu.) Sirawai is notorious for murdering government officials who do not kow-tow to their whims and caprices. My brother as among their victims resisted local politician’s demand for additional Voters Registration forms more than the 10% allowed by law. So, he was killed. And government had done nothing about it.

Teachers from these provinces cannot apply for salary loan because for years their premium remittances are not reaching the GSIS. My sister-in-law, a Sulu District Supervisor could only loan P2,000 for the same reason. Exasperated, the ARMM caused more cramps ad nauseam.