Music scene unveils as MSU Gensan turns Gold PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 16 September 2011 15:05


GENERAL SANTOS CITY – At the Golden Anniversary celebration of the Mindanao State University System (MSUS) this year, MSU- General Santos City hints its other side of the academe: Music.

The system, founded in September 1, 1961, is composed of eleven campuses throughout Mindanao. Serving Mindanaoans for 50 years now, they are in unison with the theme: “Integrating People and Building Societies Through Quality Education in a Culture of Peace”.

At the peak of the two- week long intramurals, MSUans showcased their musical ingenuity at the Battle of the Bands and songwriting competition Thursday night (September 8) at the campus gym. Fourteen bands across colleges joined the contest.
“Brilliant,” national artist and composer Eric Gancio exclaimed.

Eric Gancio is founder of the Yano Band that made its way magically to the top during the early 1990s. The Yano music, some of which are Banal Na Aso, Tsinelas, Kamusta Na, State U, Es Em, Senti, continues to live on in the societies of the young and the idealists who want change.

“We have to have a change of mentality for the positive,” Gancio said before he began his repertoire as guest performer.

He would mean, as he would always say in a usual discourse, a change of perspective. The saga of his time has his own view of nation building. He said that music wise, MSU is a nation of its own making a national celebration of its music. For Eric, it doesn’t make a difference after all to be local or national, at least as an artist.

Championing the tilt was Ninja Turtles who had uniquely prepared for the night, even using the wide screen in trying to communicate through visuals images in the campus that jive with their chorus, “MSUan ako”. Second was the Tune- Up Band, and third was the Green Republic, an all female band from the College of Social Sciences and Humanities.

“We were able to compose that song because we are proud to be MSUans and we know we can do something good for the future,” Green Republic band leader Erine Dejecacion revealed. The band’s entry “Posible” is a song depicting life in MSU as a student in search for knowledge and has the zeal to get involved.
Committee chairperson Professor Robert Pasion said it took patience to gather the bands for screening.

“I must provide them the guidance and some mechanics. This is a contest and they are bound to follow some rules. In everything else, they were on their own,” Pasion said.

Smart Telecommunications (SMART), Incorporated provided prizes for the winners. Smart has been supporting MSU in various university activities as part of its program for education. In tourism, Smart launched its Infoboard SIM in partnership with the Department of Tourism at the General Santos City Tuna Festival within the week.     

On stage, Eric showed the same passion and energy no less than 15 years ago. He played until 2:25 a. m. for the students after the competition. Students had to scream to praise the Yano legacy of respect in the song Tsinelas, Erics’ reinterpretation of State U, and among others.

“Eric’s connection with the crowd was not of a Pinoy rock icon to a fan, but rather, one of a fellow iskolar ng bayan,” co- organizer Professor George Gunay remarked.
The crowd’s overwhelming response to hearing Eric in person singing their favorite songs, along with some brave attempts to get into the stage and have their pictures taken in the middle of his song, Eric showed understanding and appreciation. That is character,” Gunay said.

“I can feel their thirst for music, for art, for identity, which they best showed in their original compositions tonight that went far beyond the theme for the celebration,” Eric said.

“They have the skills, the rift. Not just inspired but it glorified me. It’s pure innocence, and they just have to continue doing that,” he said.
Eric said there’s the same calling in music then and now, only that before, the “Ya” was implicit and the “No” was explicit. “That’s why now we have to have a change of mentality, a matter of perspective,” he asserted.

Eric plans to make a SocSarGen (South Cotabato, Sarangani, General Santos City) tour late this year, tapping along organizers, musicians and composers in Sarangani, General Santos City, South Cotabato, and MSU- General Santos to level up and bring into the mainstream the change of mentality perspective.

When Chancellor Abdurrahman Canacan formally opened the Golden celebration for MSU- General Santos on September 1 at the Lagao gym, he said the management has always its unconditional support for student development.

The next intramurals will surely then be a better opportunity for the MSU student musicians.