Indiscriminate fund release is now a ‘no no’ in the DPWH - Singson PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 17 September 2011 15:22


Public Works and Highways chief Rogelio L. Singson said the practice of indiscriminate fund releases in the past is now a “no no” in the DPWH.
Secretary Singson said they are now guided with the philosophy of doing the right projects at the right cost and right quality.

“We are using our funds prudently. We do the same number of approved projects with the same specifications, same number of manpower but complete them with lesser amount thus resulted in savings,” added Singson.

The DPWH chief also justified the under spending issue that allegedly resulted in lower GDP.

Singson said that the DPWH did quality spending during the first semester of this year. He further explained that the causes of delay in project implementation are the
realignments requested by politicians and the people themselves.

He cited that the department also encountered right of way problems particularly in C-5 Extension to NLEX, C5-Muntinlupa Extension, and R-10 projects that further delayed project implementation.

“We instill strict discipline in the enforcement of our projects using strategic allocation; proper utilization and distribution of Motor Vehicle Users Charge (MVUC) for road maintenance; and open & transparent competitive and simplified bidding process,” the DPWH chief added.

According to the DPWH, close to P4billion had been saved by the end of the third quarter which can be utilized for other infra development projects.

Likewise, objective project identification and selection through the Highway Development Management Program (HDM4) is now being observed not on political interventions.

Singson further explained that an approved revised plans, program of work, and detailed estimates is a requirement before bidding out realigned projects.
Planning and budgeting procedures are now synchronized with its multi-year planning sy stem, through e-budgeting system as well as e-NGAS or electronic new government accounting system.

In addition, DPWH also developed IT that is open to the public through the DPWH website wherein in civil society organizations can now be involved in planning, identification, monitoring and evaluation.

In June of this year, the DPWH also launched call center hotline 165-02. The call center, manned by dedicated customer representatives, will be answering complaints and queries 24 hours a day, seven days a week.