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Wednesday, 03 November 2010 14:55

The semester break gives way to teachers to upgrade themselves professionally.    Having such training that improves their competency is only one of the many ways where they can grow and be better facilitators of learning. During this time, routinary work of teachers is ceased and is diverted to a more challenging task for advancement.

ANHS’ Head Dr. Socorro P. Canaya, organizer of the seminar, is committed to enabling all her professional staff members to reach their fullest potential both as individual and as member of the education system. She believes that by supporting staff members in professional growth, this will indeed improve job performance as well as increase levels of personal satisfaction.

The thre-day seminar workshop with the theme; ANHS teachers: Upgrading to 3 G’s (Goodwill, God- Fearing, and Growth) started on October 27-29, 2010 at Ecozone, San Ramon and the lecture for Formative Assessment Techniques for Teachers, was held at AMA Computer College, San Jose this city.

Sister Emma Delgado, Executive Secretary, Peace Advocate Zamboanga was the guest lecturer on Teachers’ Morale. Dr. Norma M. Vecina, the Ret. Asst. Schools Division Superintendent spoke on “The Making of a Great Teacher”, Dr. Socorro P. Canaya talked on Professionalism, Personal Welfare and Table of Specification. Mr. Eric O. Alieto, WMSU Professor for “What Makes Learning More Effective” and for Formative Assessment Techniques for Teachers, Mrs. Genevieve G. Kulong, ANHS’ IT Coordinator.

The participants also had the chance to visit ZCNHS- West where the School Principal Mr. Henry Ong Chua himself welcomed and led the group to view some of the school’s amenities, murals, and room structural designs. Integration of learning, clearing house and closing program and a Salu- salo bound at Mc Donald, Campaner St. ZC.

Basically, the training not only aimed to improve the teachers’ perspective and performance but also served as their bonding moment. It is vital that in every organization, good relationship among the employees is maintained. More importantly, because of the seminar, teachers’ professional growth has been enhanced since it is an important part of a professional responsibility where it involves looking beyond the present and taking a long term holistic look at one’s career.

Teacher, they say is a divine creature. Working very hard, upgrading professionally, doing and saying the right thing and loving and dedicating one’s work to God will mean a reward in the end. In our city, there are better positions with great opportunity awaiting you. Why offer these to strangers? Hit the mark!


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