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Friday, 05 November 2010 15:12

Maj. Gen. Juancho Saban

I’m crossing my fingers, hoping that Maj. Gen. Juancho Saban will be chosen to become our next Wesmincom chief based here in our beloved Latin City.

The Zamboanga Columnists Club, the opinion writers, who come from different newspaper outlets here in Zambo. City are coming out with an endorsement for Maj. Gen. Juancho Saban to become the next Wesmincom commander, hoping it isn’t late yet.

We are basing our recommendation not only because his wife Irene Covarrubias is a Zamboangueña, belonging to one of the biggest clans in our beloved Zamboanga, but most of all, his accomplishments as a military commander assigned here in the South, making our Latin City of Zamboanga as his homebase where his immediate family resides. No wonder there’s a clamor among the residents here and Zamboangueños in Manila, to make him as Wesmincom chief.

When he was assigned here in the South, he and his men made themselves busy in medical and outreach livelihood program. Foremost in our minds, we owe it to him for the neutralization of ASG Commanders Janjalani, Parad, and Abu Sabaya. Through his leadership, he and his men were also busy in infrastructure projects in Basilan and Sulu, hand in hand, with our U.S. Balikatan friends. Presently, he is the Wescom commander in Palawan. Please, please bring him back to Zamboanga City where he belongs!

Furthermore, he was first in his class (PMA graduate 1978) to be promoted to Captain for neutralizing five MNLF rebels in Palawan, known for the 80-20 strategy which is now known as “Saban Strategy” implemented by the Armed Forces of the Philippines. This 80% means Civil and Military Operations like livelihood programs, Medical Outreach and Iinfrastructure projects and the 20% means “Intelligence driven military or combat operations.

Isn’t this more than enough basis to make him as our commander in chief of the Western Mindanao Command?