Celso extols LHZ for fortitude, faith to La Virgen del Pilar PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 October 2011 16:12

Mayor Celso Lobregat has cited the La Hermandad Zamboangueña, Inc., a group of successful Zamboangueños residing in Metro Manila and other parts of the country, as a “testimony of the Zamboangueños’ strength and determination and faith to La Virgen del Pilar”.

Mayor Lobregat was invited as one of the special guests of La Hermandad’s 51st founding anniversary celebration Friday, October 21, at the Makati Polo Club in Makati City. Swiss Ambassador Ivo Sieber was guest of honor.

“For 51 years now, this group has sustained the Zamboangueño spirit and steadfast resolve to help our fellow Zamboangueños”, the mayor told the group headed by President Terry Suarez-Tambunting.

He stressed that despite the distance and the length of time that the La Hermandad Zamboanguena members have been away from Zamboanga and the numerous other challenges, the members continue to show their concern for their beloved city. “We will never forget your support, your words of encouragement and your physical presence every time we were called to the Supreme Court at the time when the city was confronted with the acid test on the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MOA-AD). And as the city faces new challenges, I know you are there, ready and willing to journey with us through the storm and calm seas.”

The city government, Mayor Lobregat emphasized is also very grateful for the group’s firm resolve to help fellow Zamboangueños through programs aimed to alleviate the plight of the constituents by conducting outreach missions, scholarship grants and other education-related programs for poor but deserving students.

The mayor likewise cited his administration’s efforts as well as commitment to propel Zamboanga forward ahead.

“Amidst the setbacks, we are aggressively promoting Zamboanga and its potentials as an investment and tourism hub”, he said as he outlined the various programs and programs undertaken by his administration including the new sites and attractions of the city through a power point presentation.

He likewise relayed to the members of La Hermandad Zamboanguena Inc. the very successful Fiesta Hermosa 2011 celebration. Despite the challenges, he said, a multitude of people attended the many activities and most especially the religious activities like the grand procession and the mass.

“The celebration was another show of our people’s fortitude and strong faith. Despite the twin explosions that hit the city October 9 and even the inclement weather, Zamboanguenos and guests came out in throngs to celebrate the fiesta. The city and the people are once again being challenged but we have been tried and tested many times before. The incidents have forced us to take one step backward, but let us take two, three, four and many more steps forward”, he stressed.

The La hermandad’s 51st founding anniversary October 21 also marked the Fiesta Pilar celebration for the Zamboanguenos in Manila. Other guests that graced the event were Councilors Nonong Guingona and VP Elago, Israel Ambassador Forner  and Parañaque City Vice Mayor Gustavo “Gus” Tambunting and many others.

Founded in 1960, the LHZ Foundation, Inc. continues to serve the poor but deserving youth in Zamboanga through education-related programs specifically scholarship program, its flagship program. The group for 2011-2012 has 60 scholars.

Ms. Tambunting’s fellow officials of the La Hermandad are Justina Uro-Gonzales- executive vice president; Lilia Belen-Reyes- secretary; Delsy Saavedra-Durano- Assistant secretary; Esperanza Uro Balcos- treasurer; Grace Orendain-Altonaga- assistant treasurer’ Expedito Sebastian- auditor; Gloria Pichel-Mara- Director, Public Relations; Etta Silos-Mendez- former president and now director; Terry Suter Harper- Director; Fely Salazar Pedrosa- Director; Carmen Linda Macasil-Atayde- Director; Teresita Rodriguez Montinola- Director; Annabelle Santos Adriano- Director and Betty Fernando-Villareal-director. — Sheila Covarrubias