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Friday, 05 November 2010 16:50

Onofre Pagsanghan, a teacher of Ateneo de Manila High School asserts that there will always be a need for good teachers- that’s the crying need of the Philippines. The Philippines will never rise out of poverty until education will go up. And education is primarily teachers- not buildings, not books - but teachers who know what they are talking about and who love what they are doing. He certainly believes that without teachers, the country can never rise out of the rut it is currently in.

The educational system at present is still beset with the same old problems it has had for decades and performance and success rates remain wanting. Millions may be spent on producing books, constructing buildings and empowering principals, yet the results will not be as substantial and enduring as when we have teachers who know what they teach and who love what they do.

Education is a connection between two people- without a connection, no progress can be made. And connection is not mere transfer of knowledge, more importantly, it is also a transfer of values. Academic subjects will serve as vehicles for teaching values that will improve not only the students but the society they live in as well.

Since teachers have the big role in shaping the nation’s future, we need teachers who love this calling and who consider it a meaning of their life. They are the ones who are called to teach. Some of them have even risked their lives defending other lives. Needless to say, they are in love with the profession, for them, nothing is more satisfying than the prospect of shaping each mind, everyday and every year.

Dr. Norma Vecina, during her talk about the “Making of a Great Teacher” said that it is only when a teacher dies that people would remark “He was a great teacher.”  But when he is still alive they would just say “He is a good teacher.” Perhaps this is true. But what qualities should a teacher possess for him to be called great? Well, he must have empathy and positive mental attitude. He is open to change, a role model and having the ability to inspire. He is endowed with creativity, sense of humor, presentation skills and calmness. He is a person worthy of respect and having the willingness to learn and most of all, someone who is very much passionate about the profession.

In the internet café I often hear “laking public school ka?” How disgusting to hear such remark! Not all who study in the public schools behave differently. Born into a poor family does not always mean poor breeding although, a good education in a reputable private school may very well remain a distant dream for those without means. Teachers can change this impression as they inspire and make a total difference, only, if all will care.

Teachers do live by example. Their influence goes beyond imparting knowledge. They also affect the development of their students’ views of themselves and of the world. The values they will cherish and the dreams they will aspire to can be greatly influenced by the kind of teachers they have.