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Wednesday, 23 November 2011 14:26


Quality education is geared through effective and efficient teaching-learning process. Pupils should be thoroughly trained and inculcated good education as a whole. This will only be attained if teachers and administrators will work hand in hand with all their hearts and minds. The big chance to this is the cooperation and support from the parents.

Through the mission and vision of the school we will be guided to the right path of endeavor of what we envision. We have to trace out things so we can attain the goals and objectives of our institution

There are three categories of our mission and vision. Number one is the academic aspect. In here , the mentors should see to it that the minimum number of pupils learned should be at least 90%. They have to move heaven and earth order that pupils will be inculcated from each subject they taught. Learning experience should be given to all pupils where in the subject areas they are teaching are interesting with varied activities or strategies used in the classroom. Number two is the emotional aspects of the pupils and teachers.    Values formation should come in. The teachers and the pupils should be aware of this. Before we can let pupils learn and the latter to teach, we have to inculcate good values. This is number one to be inculcated in the mind of our pupils as well as the teachers. The core values are punctuality and promptness, being respectful and value of work. Attitude should be corrected if it is negatively done, especially on the part of the pupils. This is the most important things to be done in our school. If pupils and teachers are well disciplined then all these we have in our mission and vision will be automatically attained. Number three , is the physical aspect. If the school is arrestingly beautiful, immaculately clean and with well structured rooms then, there is no reason pupils will not come and be present always.

Doing all these during my administration, Baliwasan Central School will be face lifted and will be the show window of our district. — Dr. Teresita G. Sagrado, ESP-BL