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Thursday, 11 November 2010 10:59

The Log pond river was once navigable water, where barge used to navigate to ferry logs to the mainland. The abundance of bangus and prawn fry supply the Vitali district and its neighboring municipalities. Today, the barge turned into vintas, and bakawan trees no longer exist. Our mangrove areas are almost devastated! If this will continue, then perhaps 10 years from now we will have food shortage. Hunger, malnutrition and eventually sickness will be some of the consequences that we'll have to face if we do not act now. The future of our children is at stake.

The government cannot do it alone. It is the right time for people from all walks of life to do something to save our wetland and our environment. Hence, administrator, faculty members, students of the Tictapul school and in partnership with the barangay council of Tictapul, should come up with a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to undertake a project on conservation, protection and rehabilitation of a portion of the Log pond, Tictapul.

In pursuant to DepEd memorandum No. 386, s.2010. National Science Club Month Celebration and to coincide with the declaration of United sNation of the year 2010 as the " International Year of Biodiversity", the Tictapul National High School launched a tree planting activity, specifically bakawan trees, last October 2,2010 at Sitio Log pond, Tictapul. The activity was made possible by the help of around 200 students and faculty members.

The purpose of this project is to protect our wetland and to similarly engage into productive, meaningful and effective activities that promote awareness, interest and involvement of the students in environmental protection.

In addition, the faculty members TNHS and organizers of this project would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to the barangay chairman ofTumitus Alih Saddalani for the sumptuous meal of grilled bangus, crabs and prawns. Thanks Kapitan!


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