Journalists exhorted to exercise good reporting PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 11 November 2010 11:08

Despite the popularity of social media, "journalists should still show what good writing is all about," Luz Rimban of VERA Files said in discussing Social Media for Journalist during the recently held 6th Mindanao Media Summit.

"We have to inculcate among our audience na iba pa rin ang gawa ng journalists," she said as she encouraged summit participants to stick with the principles of accuracy, reliability and fairness in reporting.

With the emergence of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube among others, journalists are faced with challenges, she said.

Among the challenges she had seen were on how to get familiar with the internet, how to use the medium, and how to use the social media tools.

Along with these, media practitioners are also facing the demand to do multi-media reporting, meaning they are also expected to take photos and videos and not only writing news.

Expected to do multi-tasking, journalists have to keep to date with skills, Rimban said.

As "citizen journalism" is now being encouraged, and that anyone can report events as they happen using the social media, journalists are somewhat faced with competitors.

But Rimban said amidst changes in ways that reporting are being done, journalists should maintain journalistic values.

Meanwhile, the social media may have brought in challenges for journalists but Rimban has found out that they are using such internet tools in practicing their profession.

Through Facebook, Rimban said journalists publish their articles on-line; they attract readers; interact with readers; reach news sources; and that they have been encouraged to go into multi-media journalism.

Not only media but many have been caught in social media networks, because as Rimban said, through such internet tool people get connected with friends.

The social media have been become means of staying in contact and have served as one-stop-shop for various activities.

"They can send mail, chat, blog, share picture," she said.  

In doing her research, Rimban found out that the Philippines ranks second to Indonesia in number of Facebook accounts among the ASEAN countries.

From eight million as of December 2009, Facebook accounts in the Philippines reached 18 million as of October 2010, she said.