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Wednesday, 01 December 2010 10:50

The recent bus holiday in Metro Manila that created so much inconvenience to public commuters plying daily on their different destinations is a situation that opens a Pandora box in the public transport sector.

One of the things that came out, aside from other illegal and considered nefarious activities taking place in the streets, which is the usual ugly sight and is too illegal in its sense is the continued presence of public utility vehicles (PUVs) operating without the required legal permit or franchise plying everyday and are competing along with PUVs operating legally.

This messy picture in the public transport sector that occurs everyday in the congested streets in the prime metropolis and even in the not so busy streets of a sixth class local government unit in the country, luckily has at last caught the attention of the present administration.
We don't mind how serious our concerned government officials would they be in their campaign against this mess in the public transport sector but at least initial steps have been planned and some has already been taken at this point in time.

There are recent plans of the present administration ranging from cancellation of franchises to bus operators caught violating established rules and regulations in the public transport industry including the three-day old implementation of the number coding scheme by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

This mess even caught the attention of some members of congress where an investigation is in the offing surely in aid of legislation to the prevailing and pervading messy situation in sight in the public transport sector.

The initial steps taken by the present administration would pave the way for a more wholesome and smooth operations in the public transport sector that is continuously plagued with violations, flooded with complaints and inundated with clamors from the public.

This bold action taken by the Aquino administration, when seriously given much weight and consideration from top to bottom in the hierarchy of government, will signal a fresh start to repair and reconstruct a system in the public transport sector on the brink of collapse that when left finally will ultimately shatter the dream of cleaning the mess on the streets in the whole country.

Each one of us is part and parcel of the street we used to walk and travel through everyday and a stakeholder for what we dreamed of it to become more convenient, safe and wholesome.

Let us do our share to make our streets clean from the present mess that the public transport sector has at present.

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