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Wednesday, 01 December 2010 10:55

Andres Bonifacio founded the Katipunan, a secret organization, under the code of silence and allegedly written by their own blood. It was discovered by the Spanish Government when the wife of one office member made a confession to a Spanish priest. Henceforth, Andres Bonifacio and his group fled to the mountains of Balintawak in a nearby town, tore their cedulas, raised their Katipunan flag "KKK" and ended with Emilio Aguinaldo as the first President of the Republic.

Andres Bonifacio was assassinated at Mount Buntis, Cavite by the followers of Aguinaldo and our history book failed to admit this or deny and is still a mystery until this day. This is the truth: Andres Bonifacio is a plebeian (a common man). His loyal followers in Tondo vowed to revenge for the death of their leader. When the American troops landed in Manila, after taking possession of our country, after the Treaty of Paris on December 10,1896, the Magdalo was formed and acted as mercenaries to guide Gen. Funston to Tirad Pass. When Gen. Gregorio del Pilar was killed, the American troops captured Gen. Aguinaldo in the jungle of Palanan, Isabela. In this manner we became a colony of America and fought as a strong ally of USA.

November 30 is Bonifacio Day...