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Thursday, 21 October 2010 13:42

The Denartrnent of Education is so determined to implement the proposed six-year secondary education by next school year. It means that there will be additional two years in high school before going to college.

When this proposal was made public, there was a strong opposition from parents especially those belonging to the low income bracket. They voiced out their difficulties in coming up with the expenses on the school needs and requirements for their children to finish high school. So the said new scheme is simply adding two more years to their struggles and sacrifices in providing their children with basic education.

DepEd Sec. Luistro tried to explain the significance of the scheme saying that it is aimed to make high school graduates ready for employment. Those who can no longer go through college due to financial difficulties can already seek employment because

they are equipped with the necessary skills appropriately learned in the additional two years, eventually it is a remedial measure to the unbridled unemployment problem considering the millions of high school graduates every year of which a big number of them comprise the jobless Filipinos. And many of them end up either in jail or a liability in the community.

Notwithstanding a lot of teachers and educators take sides with the opposing parents. One of them is Mr. Al-Rahim Kenoh, the admin officer of the Division Office. To extend the high  school from four to six years, he believes it will prolong the hardship and affliction of poor parents which may cause a big number of school dropouts. The intention may be good, but theeffect could be disastrous. Find another way or design another

kind of program to equip the students with specialized skills for immediate employment, but definitely not adding more years to their studies, he supposed.

Let's face the fact. Tthe extent of poverty in our country is acute or getting worst. Go to the depressed areas, remote towns or villages, and you'll see for yourselves the deplorable destitute situation. Majority of the students in public high school especially in barangays come from indigent families. This is the very reason why our national government has embarked on the poverty alleviation program Conditional Cash Transfer.

Perhaps, there might be another way to prepare our high school students for a future means of livelihood with no adverse effect. What is most urgent today-- the government should generate enough jobs or employment opportunities where the students can apply whatever skills they have after graduation.