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Thursday, 13 December 2018 13:45

By Remedios F. Marmoleño

Keeping up with what is going on in our country and in  the rest of the  world can sometimes demand so much of our time. Perhaps not so much for people like me who are no longer engaged in full-time employment but not so for those who are still pursuing careers on top of responsibilities like taking care of families and the home. Sometimes we can explain the seeming lack of engagement of citizens in the pressing issues of the country to this situation that so many face everyday.

Even as we admit that it is hard we must also take the position that citizens need to know what is going on in the country and their reflection on these influence their thinking about issues and people.

I rarely listen to the radio but for some this medium might just be the fastest way to know about recent events in the city and the country. For me the radio allows for so much of the newscaster’s own position on the news or personalities that he/she is dealing with in the program. There is then the matter of the objectivity of the comments that the listener gets.

Of course, we understand that the matter of objectivity of the comments we get in our news is an issue itself. But I am straying here since I started with the idea of how much time we can give to just keeping up with the news.

Should martial law as proclaimed for Mindanao be extended? What areas of the country should be covered by martial law? For how long? To make an informed decision on the matter is not something that we can arrive at by simply listening to one side or the other. We need to select who we listen to and we need to listen to as many comments as we can. Who has got the time to do all this?

And there is the recent matter of “insertions in the budget”.  We are told that huge amounts of public funds were targeted for two congressional districts, one of which is that of former president Gloria Arroyo. Again? Which raises the question  of “Can the leopard change its spots?”

So many people woke up one day this past week to be bewildered by the news that the Sandiganbayan found former actor and former senator Ramon Revilla, Jr. innocent of the charge of plunder against him. And yet the same court found guilty  two other people charged in the same case with Revilla. So much for that. The shocker is when this same court ruled that Revilla ( found innocent) and the two people found guilty must still return to the government the P124.5 million  amount that was part of the case. Just figuring out how to understand this can make you sit up all night.

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