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Sunday, 06 April 2014 14:00

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. A clean City will mean the citizens living here are good too.  Our communities are composed of people of different origin, but mostly, majority are Christians of different religious denominations, where majority belong to the Roman Catholic Church, and of course, living harmoniously with Muslims of different tribes, that compose the minority here in Zamboanga City.

Yes. ‘am proud to say my son VP is heading the cleanliness drive in this City, being the chairperson for Health and Sanitation Committee at the City Council. This also jibes with his being also the chairperson for Tourism Committee, which all fit in with his sanitation drive. For quite sometimes now, we see garbage scattered in all nooks and corners in the City, which is so detrimental to our health, and of course, an ugly sight for our tourists to see. People are also glad that strayed dogs are being caught, as they also bite passersby that might infect the victims with rabies. Don’t you know I woke up one morning to discover that our only dog in the house disappeared and according to our helpers, VP had it taken away too because it barks at everyone including his customers at the restaurant! I felt sad because it was a real watchdog. However it goes out of our gate. I guess it was for the best thing to do before it harms other people.

The Anti Littering Law had been passed long, long time ago, but sad to say it has never been implemented. This time I guess, it would have some claws! Homeowners, business establishments and any individual breaking the anti-littering law will be fined 500 pesos. If I got it right, this will be fully implemented this month. Our Son VP spoke to Chief of Police Casimiro to help in the implementation, so that this time, people will know that our authorities are serious! Debe respeta y no hace de nada el de aton maga ley!