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Thursday, 10 April 2014 11:13


Riding on tricycles is the best way to know what’s going on in our Latin City of Flowers. Trike drivers are sometimes conversant and actually tell you what the problems besetting our City.

Before I go further, I would like to thank Dina Gonzales of Window 3 LTO, for helping me with my car registration which I did just lately because I have  been busy at home taking care of my husband since first of January, who was hospitalized again due to another stroke. Ms. Gonzales advised me to go straight to Window 3 the next time I renew my car. I sought the help of a driver who I hire once in a while to bring the car for the emission test and got the insurance,  but since he was busy, he wasn’t able to finish the work, so I did the registration myself and noticed that there were some added charges which Ms. Gonzales said were unnecessary.

While my vehicle wasn’t registered yet, I rode on tricycle to buy our medicines and groceries.  You may consider the things I would tell you as just mere gossiping, but just read it and leave it at that. One tricycle driver told me that the MNLF Misuari faction is busy recruiting people to join them for another siege here in our beloved Zamboanga City, and that these recruits are just around the City, and that when the time comes, they will be provided with arms.  We passed a place where there were a handful of motorcycles and again, he said most of those owners are MNLF sympathizers. Well, believe it or not, I was just listening.

Riding in one again, the trike driver said that in the barangay where he resides, his neighbors are hooked on drugs. It’s either they are users or drug pushers, except for his family. He knows what’s going on, but told them that he won’t squeal, if they don’t touch the members of his family! Oh my, so meanwhile they’re left alone, but up to when? What a disservice to his community!

I would like to congratulate Councilor Myra Abubakar for the anti-smoking campaign. Smoking is very detrimental to the health of people, not only the smokers, but also those who don’t smoke. It doesn’t really prohibit people to smoke, but prohibited them to smoke publicly. Persons who don’t smoke can also suffer from cancer just by inhaling the smoke, so it is important that government and private offices and hospitals should have a smokers and non smokers room.  I am not ignorant of this, because when I visited my father who was confined at the Baypines Veterans Hospital at Tampa,Florida, USA, that was my first time to see that there was a non smokers and smokers room. Of course, this surprised me hehe.

Today, April 9, 2014, I would like to greet all Veterans a happy Heroes Day! My Late father, Lt. Col Jose Paduada Altea was a veteran who served the army when I was still a little girl until we left Manila for Zamboanga.