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Saturday, 12 April 2014 11:50



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Train the child in the way that he should go and he will never depart from it when he grows old…” (Proverbs 22:6, the Holy Bible).

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SIGMA RHOAN, UP SUMMA CUM LAUDE 2014: The Sigma Rho Fraternity of the University of the Philippines chalked up an achievement of sorts when one of its members from its Batch 2010, Jose Maria Marella, is officially graduating this 2014 as a summa cum laude with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Economics.

Sigma Rho records will show that Marella is the first ever Sigma Rhoan who will graduate as a summa cum laude in UP, according to another outstanding member of the fraternity, lawyer-doctor Rudyard “Sonny” Avila III, in a post in Facebook. Congratulations, Sigma Rho! Congratulations, Sigma Rhoan. Fight, fight!!!

Marella’s feat was announced by lawyer Alain B. Baguisi, a former Sigma Rho Grand Archon. His announcement reads: “Brods, I am very proud to share that our dear Brod, Jose Maria `Taking’ Marella of Batch 2010, will officially (all grades out) be graduating summa cum laude from the University of the Philippines, Diliman,  with a degree of BS Economics!

“In August, he will be entering the halls of Malcolm as a freshman law student! When I congratulated him this evening, I was very happy to hear his heartfelt gratitude to the Sigma Rho Fraternity for being a source of inspiration during his journey as a college student! For the Sigma Rho! Fight!”

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CROWNING OF JESUS WITH THORNS: The Third Sorrowful Mystery of the Holy Rosary of Roman Catholic Christians talks about the crowning of Jesus with thorns, and the account of this event is found in Matthew 27:29, Mark 15:17, John 19:2 of the Bible. There is no account of it in the Gospel of Luke.

According to these passages, Pilate had tried to release Jesus who, by then, was presented to Him after He was arrested, but the crowd instead asked for the release of another man, Barabbas, the convicted murderer, and insisted that Jesus be crucified.

Jesus was subsequently flogged, on orders of Pilate, and later was brought to the Praetorium in the company of many soldiers. The soldiers stripped Jesus of His clothes and put a scarlet robe on Him.

Then they twisted together a crown of thorns and placed it on His head. Putting a staff in His hand, the soldiers then knelt in front of Him and mocked Him, saying “Hail, king of the Jews.”

After they mocked Him, they took off His robe and put on His own clothes on Him. The soldiers then led away to crucify Him, thus fulfilling His prophecies about His suffering in the hands of the Jews before His crucifixion.

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