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Sunday, 13 April 2014 13:44



Trust is a five-letter word, but how many of us know what a big word this is! We all depend on trust. Without it , I guess our world will be a much troubled place to live in! We will all be suspicious of everyone!

Trust means a strong reliance on the integrity, honesty, dependability, etc. on persons or things. We put our trust on everything. Husbands and wives have to trust each other or else their marriage will be on the rocks. Break that trust and the next thing you’ll see is the separation of couples. They say you can forgive, but you can’t forget. However, if couples are believers of the Lord, then reconciliation is possible for the sake of the family! Yes, I am talking through experience. My marriage wasn’t made perfect. There were times when I thought of living home in my early married life, but the love of my children was powerful enough to hold me on to stay! This time I want to go for a vacation, but what’s holding me on is my husband whose BP is always high and needs me. Oh my!

Trust is not only amongst us. It is everywhere. It is like a sticker that sticks with us, from our working place, including in government. We elect local and national government officials because we can trust them. We are confident they will pass laws and resolutions to help their constituents. Once they break the trust of the citizenry, they’ll never trust you again. This is the reason why some in government are in hot water for allegedly stealing enormously from their pork barrel fund and people are asking them to resign! If they’re decent individuals, they will, but I guess it’s untimely, since they have to be found guilty in court first. I don’t think this is a political motivation. I believe President Benigno Aquino means business in cleansing our government before his term ends on 2016, and majority of the Filipino people trust him.