TODAY’S MANNA: Something better awaits you PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 14 April 2014 11:21

BY Berlie G. Yap


Often, we easily become discouraged when what we wanted doesn’t happen the way we expected. We view things in limited angles. But I have you good news! Something better could be awaiting you today and you are unaware of it—unaware of it totally!

We have a professor who has served as an MTC judge in our City for sometime now. One of his great qualities that we admire most is that he fears the Lord. His gray hairs speak his depths and wisdom. One evening in our class he shared how in his younger days he ended up studying law instead of to pursuing his dream to become a doctor. After graduating his bachelor’s degree he took the national exam for the admission to study medicine. Because he is brilliant he easily passed the said exam with a scholarship. However, an unexpected twist came. Circumstances pulled him to go home in Zamboanga for family reasons. A little disappointed but he had because he’d no choice for his values— family first than his ambition. “It can wait if it is meant for me”, he mumbled to encourage himself.

While home, he temporarily taught in a university to help support their family. After awhile a new interest aroused in his heart to study law so he enrolled. He was a teacher at daytime and negotiate the City’s road with his motorbike c0me the evening to attend law school in another college. He’d to wrestle patience for four years and another one for his review and the Bar exam. Then payday came when he made it to the Bar and the rest is history.

Most of us in the class are young men and women who were inspired by our professor’s life-story. We traveled through our imaginations to how God as well can bring us to our right tracks to collide with our destinies too. Patiently we waded the one school year, propelled with a noble desire and paid the painstaking price of the rigors in law school.

We’ve different backgrounds—a classmate from Tawi-tawi, a councilor from Sibuco, a 33 year old intelligent young woman who worked in Vietnam but had to go home because of her ailing father but found herself later enrolled in LLB WMSU. One is named even after a car (Mazda Freyja Agman). Admittedly it was my first time to know that Mazda is literally meant WISDOM. The list is long if I’ll scribble them. Nonetheless, one is common amongst us, the DREAM to one day practice legal profession.

Destiny is real and it is not even similar to fate. The former is the act of the Almighty predestining one in eternity past while the latter is a CHANCE that may happen to a person’s life randomly. In God nothing is accident! All are part of His glorious plans collectively which include the making of your destiny in the process.

How about you friend, did something also lead you to unwanted tracks? Don’t disdain life rather along discover newer things for you may have also a different calling than what you wanted first that didn’t work-out. In 1 Samuel, a young man was told by his father to look for their lost donkey. He went and continued to search for three days but he went home as to be the new king. A widow was devastated and was on their way to bury her only son then met the GALILEAN who resuscitated her boy.

Most of the time we collide with our calling and destiny where we are totally unaware. It is about maintaining good attitude along the way because you can’t tell what you hated to see are the very ones that may lead you to your own unexpected breakthrough. Never lose a hope, life is beautiful. Discover new things and become the best that you can ever be. Remember, nothing can defeat you unless you allow yourself to be overrun. God bless you.