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Wednesday, 16 April 2014 11:17



LIFE’S INSPIRATION: “…`Can we find anyone like this man, one in whom is the spirit of God?’ ” (Genesis 41:38, the Holy Bible).

* * * *

PNOY UNDERMINING ROXAS 2016 RUN: Whether they will care to admit it or not, the consistent denials by President Aquino and by Presidential spokespersons Edwin Lacierda and Abigail Valte, that Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas will be the Liberal Party’s candidate for president in 2016 have the effect of sidelining Roxas once again and fatally undermining his chances of becoming president.

With all those denials, given right away after each and every referral to Roxas by Transportation and Communications Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya as “President Mar”, Roxas’ chances of becoming the 2016 standard bearer of his own party and of ultimately becoming president of the country are becoming hopelessly doomed and jettisoned forever, even before he could even formally declare his interest to run.

Fact is, the denials constitute proof that Roxas is not going to be Aquino’s choice in 2016. The denials are making Roxas a lameduck politician, who should not be touched with a ten-foot pole. Maybe, what Roxas should do now is to have the Liberal Party expel the President and Lacierda and Valte from its roster of membership, so they could stop cutting him down.

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HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF: If we are to be truthful about it, it looks like history is repeating itself all over again. In 1992, the administration party then, Laban ng Demokratikong Partido (or LDP), thought its chairman and recognized leader, then President Cory Aquino, would anoint the front-running LDP aspirant for the presidency at that time, in the person of the late House Speaker and Palawan Rep. Ramon Mitra.

In fact, in private and public conversations, Mitra was already saying he would be the one that Cory would anoint to become her successor, considering that it was he who dutifully and forcefully acted as a whip among lawmakers at that time to make sure they fully supported her legislative agenda. Mitra was even Cory’s mouthpiece during the times that coup attempts were launched against her.

Yet, it was not Mitra who was chosen by Cory to succeed her. She defied LDP’s endorsement of Mitra and instead chose then Defense Secretary Fidel Valdez Ramos to be her candidate for the 1992 presidential elections, who went on to become president. It appears this is going to happen again, as far as the present President Aquino and Roxas are concerned.

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ROXAS MUST CUT OFF TIES WITH PNOY: To prevent this from happening once more, a determined Roxas must cut off, at this stage, his political ties with Aquino. He must now assert his supremacy as the real Liberal Party head, and start marshalling its membership and resources, without the aid of Aquino, around his desire to become LP standard bearer and later on president of the Philippines.

He must start projecting an image of a strong leader, one who is the unanimous choice of his party, and one whose fortunes as a standard bearer or as a president does not depend on what Aquino says, or what Malacanang factotums are made to parrot and say in public.

Roxas must understand that either Aquino already has another candidate whom he will support, or that Aquino does not at all believe in Roxas’ capacity to become president in 2016. If Roxas wants to be LP’s standard bearer, or to become president, he must decide to stand up and do things on his own now. He can start by praying to God sincerely and truthfully, and giving up all personal interests in exchange for God’s directions.

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