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Wednesday, 16 April 2014 11:17



We watched the boxing match between Pacquiao and Bradley, and honestly, I personally enjoyed watching it together with my husband inside our bedroom, and invited our helper Ron-Ron to watch it with us too. We were both entertained with our helper because of his excitement. Every punch Bradley got from our champ, he was jumping and shouting with joy. Teehee, which made us enjoy the fight more!

Yes, indeed I wanted Manny to win. In spite of all the calamities our people had suffered, his winning this time would make people forget their sufferings for even a while, and make our nation proud of him! In our national language ”itinindig ni Manny Pacquiao ulit ang ating Bandila,” by getting back the championship belt from Bradley. This time he was much prepared and fought back very well. The only comment I can give is that he lacked the strength to knock down Bradley, who I guess, because of being younger than Pacquiao, is stronger than we thought and has improved much in his boxing syle. However, our boxing champ still beat him!

This time, Jinky, his wife wasn’t around, but when media came in, she said it’s time for Manny to stop his boxing career. Jinky is expecting their fifth child. If I have to comment, I guess it’s time for Manny to give up his boxing career while he is still the champ, and concentrate his time as an elected Representative of Sarangani. Manny’s parents and brothers were around in Las Vegas. As usual, Aling Dionisia got the media’s attention. Can’t blame her. She’s so proud of her son! If I were in her place, I should tone down and be humble so that people will be more appreciative of her. Jinky is more like it. She doesn’t act like ‘.prima donna.’

Oh, by the way, Councilor Rommel Agan, being one of Pacquiao’s lawyers was also in Las Vegas. Lucky Meng! As usual, the familiar face of Chavit Singson was also seen. I could just imagine how happy he is, winning back what he lost the other time when Bradley knocked down Manny.

Philippines is proud of Manny Pacquiao, the Champ, but I guess he will still have to pay back his taxes, an irony.