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Sunday, 20 April 2014 13:34



I’ve been weak the past days due to lack of sleep and I really did miss Palm Sunday, the “Visita Iglesias” (Church Visitation ) every Holy Thursday and Friday, and the reunion of the Atilano clan after every procession. My blood pressure had been very irregular. However, let me greet all of you a Happy Easter Sunday!

Every Holy Thursday, a procession begins at dawn, 4 am, and the 14 stations depicting the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is being stationed around our neighborhood in Tetuan, where the people would stop, genuflect and pray. Since we live at the back of the church, we were honored to have the 14th last station, which is the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Hallelujah, today, he is resurrected from the death! The Roman Catholic Church encourages members of the church to pray the holy rosary as a form of sacrifice. The five Glorious Mysteries are the following; i) The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. 2) The Ascension. 3) The Descent of the Holy Spirit to his Disciples. 4) The Assumption of the Blessed Mother. And the 5th is the Coronation of the Blessed Mother as Wueen of Heaven and Earth. I do pray the rosary, because it helps me sleep.

Have we ever realized that we’ve not even reached one fourth of the sacrifices of Jesus Christ? How many of us are truly repentant of our sins? How many of those who go to church often, are really sincere to change their lives when all the while, when they get out of the church, they start gossiping the lives of others and judge them? These are just few comments that serve as food for our thoughts. Let’s admit it that there are those amongst us who are in sheep’s clothing! We call them hypocrites or “plastic”. You can smell them and it’s better to avoid them!

Forgive me if I am brutally frank this time. Can’t help it because this is my nature, but I don’t aim it at anyone! I can’t say a person is good, if he is bad, or if you are handsome or beautiful, if you are ugly! I think you will agree with me this time, teehee. So if you think you are guilty of one that I just mentioned above, then I think it’s time for you to change. Be a new born again person! Do you agree or disagree just like in Facebook, hehehe.