TICKLE ME PINK: Happy the pork barrel scam is moving PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 25 April 2014 11:13



This is what Senator Miriam Santiago wanted her to do, but would this do good for the Pork Barrel Scam case, since she is the main arbiter of this scam! Will this be justifiable?

Since Senator Panfilo Lacson doesn’t have pork barrel, the Napoles family approached him to seek help for Janet Napoles. They submitted a thick envelop that included other names in the scam, but he said it’s not complete because he knows other names have not been included. The air has changed this time, as the scam queen is now willing to become a state witness, according to her lawyer. Perhaps she now realized she’ll be frying on her own fats if she doesn’t sing! DOJ Sec. De Lima and Janet Napoles met. She did a tell all, and also submitted an envelop that included names, dates, and the couriers and agents who were responsible for giving out the cash. We only have to wait and see if Sec. de Lima will allow her to testify as a state witness!

There are some negative reactions from some parties, and some are lawyers. They believe that Napoles shouldn’t be allowed to become a state witness since she is directly involved in the scam. I personally agree with them. If not for her guile and dishonest manipulation, the others would have not been tempted to join the pork barrel scam. It’s so unfair to prosecute the minor players and absolve the principal player! We compare her with Satan who tempted Adam and Eve to eat the apple in the Garden of Eden! Do you agree with me? It doesn’t really matter because we can’t have our say here, hehe. Let’s just hope justice will be served to those who erred. De Lima said she hasn’t committed anything to Janet Napoles yet.

The only consolation we get here is that the PDAP scam case is moving!