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Monday, 28 April 2014 11:18



Each of us in media has his or her own audience who follow whatever information we can share with them by through the newspaper, the radio and the television. Believe me, I also do this.

In the local scene, I read the column of a highly respectable lady, Remy Marmoleño, whose subjects and topics are her opinions that she usually gathers while travelling, here at home and abroad, which she personally experienced and observed and are supported by facts. I don’t know where Fr. Roy Cimagala is from, but I read his column too ‘Reflection’ that teaches us moral lessons, on human behavior, and the love of God. Batas Mauricio’s column is most interesting.’ Kakampi Mo Ang Batas’ which he mixes daily national news with Bible verses. If we can’t find time to read the Bible, then read Batas Mauricio’s column, because from here, it will enable us to learn the Bible, from the verses Batas includes in his column. I also like Dante Corteza’s PEP Talk. He writes about people, events and places. I also admire local veteran writers Bob Jaldon and Mike Apostol, because they write straight to the point, unmindful who will get hurt!

I am not a radio listener, but during the height of the siege at five of our barangays, RMN was hooked up with Sky Cable, so I had the chance to hear the voices of our local radio announcers like Teody Arquiza, Jimmy Villaflores, Cecil Abuy, Gil Climaco, and others. They were high spirited and I admired the sacrifices they did. Ronnie Lledo and Edgar Banos of TV 11 did a wonderful job too, reporting to our residents through television.

My family doesn’t subscribe national newspapers like Inquirer and Manila Times, because news can be taken from television channels like ABS-CBN, TV 5, GMA, and other television networks. My usual favorite newscasters are from ABS-CBN are  Noli de Castro, Ted Failon, and Corina Sanchez and sometimes Pinky Webb. Sometimes, I browse for news in other channels like TV 5, but I am not familiar with the newscasters.

Yes, media people shouldn’t be biased and when they gather news for dissemination to the public, they should be 100 % sure that what they are writing or reporting are true facts, and not just the creation of their imagination!