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Friday, 02 May 2014 11:17

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


The conference hall was buzzing with enthusiastic, fresh -faced young people,all eager to listen to what their dean had to say.

Earlier that day, the dean summoned all graduating education students for her parting message.

“There is a big world out there.” The dean began seriously, spreading her arms wide to emphasize her point.  “And it is overflowing with unemployed professionals.”  “Do not say I did not warn you. That’s all and good afternoon.”

Such was encouragement the batch 1988 received, before launching them on their own.

She was an efficient dean. Everything she planned,were all carried out the way her choleric temperament wanted it to. Therefore, these words, which were intended to crush any delusion from the graduates, accomplished its purpose.

Many got discouraged and were resigned to join the roster of unemployed.

But some of them refused to be disheartened, and believed that if there were just few to be successful, they would be included.  Here are their stories:

Czar,would have been an addition to the depressing statistics,had he not grabbed a small-paying secretarial job.  His greatest fear was being a disappointment to his farmer parents after they struggled to send him to school.

And it happened that the university where he worked in, had a law school, and gave scholarships to its employees, so he enrolled. When he took the bar, he said he could not afford a “take two,” And pass he did, in the first try. Now Czar is a lawyer who could testify to all, that “poverty is not a hindrance to success.”

For Judy, to be hired meant to impress the employer with something the rest did not have.  So she tried to combine her impressive transcript of records with a very high score in  the Philippine Board Examination for Teachers (PBET). She was one of the first to be hired in the public school.

Reynaldo was bypassed several times. Many applicants were taken ahead of him even if they just newly got their credentials.

But Reynaldo was resilient and not was not given to self-pity. He taught in the private school. He took his M.A. and proceeded with his doctorate studies when he was finally in the public school.

Now, nobody could not imagine Reynaldo as the rejected teacher applicant of long ago, because he is the academic vice president of one of the most prestigious universities in the Philippines.

And to the graduates who are full of dreams, don’t let the likes of that dean dampen your ambition.

Learn to start low in your career from Czar, from Judy, emulate excellence and from Reynaldo, practice a lot of perseverance.

And by the way, no one gets hired just by sitting down and expressing their disappointments  on Facebook. You’ve got to write several excellent application letters and take your well-groomed self  with that letter to whoever is in charge.