BETWEEN FRIENDS: How do you spell love? You don’t spell it ... you feel it!! — Winnie the Pooh PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 05 May 2014 14:03



L...ooking back in the past days, the greatest story of love ever told reminded us again of what a Man can do for the sake of the people He loved. The sufferings He endured, the beatings, the worst mockery of all when He was crowned with thorns and the wounds He bore were all manifestations of His love for His people. Could there be a greater love than this?

O…ver the years, in the course of our history, tales of Filipinos who gave their lives in defense of our country, their blood spilled over among the thousand islands, many of them unknown, was the price paid for the freedom we enjoy today. Yet, how many of us realize and appreciate this?

V…ery seldom do we hear children today express their gratitude towards their parents. Could it be that the efforts and sacrifices made for them are taken for granted? If only the children would pause for a while and imagine how they would be without their moms and dads, could they survive? The world of youth today is so different from yesterday. It is a world ruled by high tech gadgets which offer all kinds of entertainment, communication, games and the like, that the very soul of family values are either neglected or totally forgotten. Are children so enamored with this way of life that the most important factor of family life is forgotten?

E…very day of our life, every single moment, every breathe we take, we owe it to SOMEBODY up there. The freedom we now enjoy, that is due to our heroes. But every meal we take, every comfort we enjoy, the education, the care, the nurturing, we owe to our parents. Our world will be a much, much better place if we can appreciate and realize that there is only one very important thing for us to give… and that is LOVE for our Creator, our country, our parents and ourselves.