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Tuesday, 13 May 2014 11:05



Mother’s Day was celebrated last Sunday, May 11, 2014. Surely, mothers all over had been given special tributes by their children, the reason why it is celebrated “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.”

Facebook has been filled with greetings for mothers from their own offspring. Mine did too, and I was surprised to see one special write-up from our son Veepee! I kissed him to thank him, teehee, and I think he felt embarrassed.

Being a mother myself and have borne five children, I know what mothers undergo from the start of their conception and carrying the unborn child in their bodies that takes nine months until the baby is born. Giving birth isn’t easy. A mother suffers labor pains before the baby comes out from her womb. They say a mother’s life is at stake, the reason why infanticipating mothers are advised to see their obstetrician to see if their babies will come out normally, or if the position of the baby inside the tummy is retroverted and it will need a ceasarian operation to deliver the baby. I wonder if all our children realize the sacrifices mothers do up to the time they grow up!

I have chosen three messages sent to me by friends thru texting:

FromCory Navarro — “The best blessings in life is when we realize that no matter what happens, God is always with us, with his Angels dressed as Mothers. Happy Mother’s Day!”

From Lorraine A. Pinga - “To a great and beautiful mom, you are great because you are the light of your home, the silent hero of your children’s lives, and being there every time they need you…You are God’s instrument in showing unconditional love. You truly deserve a day of honor…. Happy Mother’s Day!  Good morning, keep safe & be blessed. To God Be the Glory!”

From Cristy Rice Elago – “Mothers are the lights of the home….a million mega-watt bulbs that never shut off! God is the reason why in every pain moms smile, in confusion, moms understand, in betrayal, moms trust, and in fear, moms continue to fight! Happy Mother’s Day and God Bless!”

To all children who greeted their mothers on Mother’s Day, thank you, thank you very much in behalf of all mothers! Thank you too to all my children, my friends, and relatives for all your thoughtfulness! Love you all!