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Monday, 19 May 2014 14:04



Metro Manila is the capital of our country, the Philippines, a highly urbanized city! Name it, they have it all here!    No wonder, people from all surrounding cities and provinces come over to buy what they need for their businesses, and home folks also come to buy their needs from home fixtures that they don’t have in their own places. Your eyes can feast on the window displays while passing by with your car, or just strolling around.

But you know what, I love our own beloved Zamboanga City where I can reach the places I want to go in a few minutes, and can park my car in a parking lot, where I can walk in short distances. If we talk of areas, Zamboanga City has a larger area than Manila, and our city have potentials to expand eastward and westward in the near future. It only needs a strong determination on the part of our local leaders  to make Zamboanga City a highly urbanized city like Cebu and Manila! I admit, we are progressing little by little, but I guess it is too slow, when in fact, I heard that when it comes to money matters, our city is rich, the reason why banks keep opening up.

I wonder too why our city have to build up temporary shelters yet, instead of building up permanent abodes for the IDPs. Isn’t this a waste of money? Why is it also taking so long to house them elsewhere, so that the Joaquin Enriquez Sports Complex can fix up, as at the moment, it is in a terrible state! Nine months is a long time! Going back to Manila, you can find megamalls all over. I also wonder why huge malls don’t come into our city, because if there will be megamalls outside of the seven kilometer radius, this will decongest our city streets which are very narrow. Our city planners and city officials should start thinking of stretching out the city eastward.

By the way, Cory Navarro treated me and my daughter Angel for dinner in a restaurant at Boni Hi street Plaza. Cory said she missed friends from Zambo. We had some bonding while eating our salad and pasta. There was a movie screen at the center and a movie was being shown, and people sat on the ground watching the movie. How I wish we had that too in our Plaza Pershing where poor people can enjoy watching movies on Saturdays and Sundays in the early evening. Unlike in our city, people in Manila roam around till late evening.

My son Matthew fetched me today to take me to Laguna where they are residing so that I can have bonding with my two little grandchildren Lara and Ria. Bye for now till I’ll have a chance to write again.