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Friday, 23 May 2014 11:34

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


Have you ever felt unwelcomed in a party you were invited to attend?

One day, this happened to Edna.

Edna was the chairman of the graduation program. And to spearhead this major school event, you must be very smart, hard working and meticulous. Why? Because there are  lots of details here, and all kinds of VIPs attend this affair.

So Edna worked very earnestly, and produced a first-rate, very impressive  graduation program.

Therefore, the principal invited her to the banquet prepared exclusively for the important visitors after the program.

So she went there happily, thinking that all her sleepless nights were all worth it, if  this is how your administrator acknowledged your efforts.

But when she got there, those in-charge of the food seemed surprised to see her, and inquired if there was anything she needed.And as if that was not yet enough, another staff was heard commenting, that surely the preparation will be lacking with all the people going there to eat.

Needless to say, that the tactless words of the kitchen personnel penetrated deep into the sensitive soul of our heroine that she fled the dinner venue and cried in a corner.She could not get over the trauma for many days.

And as I was mulling over this incident, I decided that here’s what I’m gonna do if this did happen to me.

I would pleasantly ignore the innuendos of the kitchen staffs and just take my seat quietly and wait for the food to be served. After all, I was invited by the principal herself, and besides, I worked so hard  for several days, and I think it is just a little thing for them to have me in this celebration.

Maybe, if the one who personally spent for the celebration did not want me there, I’d go away quietly and forget about the whole thing. But if it were just the staffs who did not want me around, it is another story.

Then, I’d eat just very little if indeed the food is lacking, but if not, I’d also have my fill, and enjoy the feast and the company.

I would not say self-conscious words like, “ It’s ok, I did not come here to eat”; or “I did not want to come but the principal might get offended if I don’t appear”; or “ Don’t worry, I don’t eat plenty”, for these words will just let me appear defensive and awkward.

And do you know the ending of this story, when everyone was already relaxed?  It was found out, that the kitchen people were in a state of panic at that time,because of a misunderstanding with the caterer. They did not mean to be rude when they asked her what she needed. It was a sincere question. And, Edna was not in their minds when they voiced out their worry about inadequate food.