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Monday, 02 June 2014 11:12



“A watched pot is slow to boil.”

There really is no scientific basis for this popular adage. The time it take for something in the pot to boil depends on what’s in the pot, the temperature of the fire and the barometric pressure.  But certain occasions do make us feel that something is taking more time than usual to boil.

The PDAF scam is one such occasion. In about 2 months the inquiry into this scam will have been a year old. During this time we’ve had lists and lists; names and names; avowals of innocence and being politically hounded and such other rationalizations by those named in the lists. In fairness people can deny being even remotely connected to the scam until the prosecutor’s office indicts them based on the evidence presented.

A senator from the north is someone I would wish to see indicted for his “sins” past and present but surprisingly he has been one of the very few who have prudently kept their silence. I know I am biased against him but of course my bias is not an acceptable legal charge.

After all the revelations of the PDAF allotments, SAROs, names of legislators and the humongous amount of money stolen from the country’s treasury I can’t somehow see Janet Lim Napoles (JLN) as the mastermind of all this. I have never met JLN and I have no idea how sharp and crafty  she is but I can’t help wondering if she is just the convenient puppet in this  scam. If there is a puppet, who is the puppeteer?

I think the DOJ should not just look into who have profited from this scam but also who have made this scam possible, whether they meant it to happen or not. We know that the scam happened; we know that there is a process that has to be followed so that releases can be properly accounted for later. Shouldn’t these people/offices be also included in the accountability chain?

We think the pot is too slow to boil. That is understandable. Many Filipinos somehow think that when something is not going at a snappy pace that there must be some machinations going on to make things favor certain parties. We don’t have evidence either way but this is so commonplace in our country that we can’t blame our people if they suspect conspiracies in such a situation.

We can only hope that  a watchful Filipino public., fooled so many times in the past especially under the regimes of Marcos, Estrada  and Arroyo, can be impatient with the slow unfolding of the PDAF scam but ensures that the guilty are properly identified, convicted and given their just desserts.  Slow but sure, as they say. Also let us remember that other adage: The wheels of justice grind slowly but grind exceedingly fine.