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Friday, 06 June 2014 11:25



This PDAF scam recitation should stop once and for all. It does not do the Filipino people any good. Since August of last year until today, newspapers have not ceased digging into it. Only the headings change, but the body of the story remains the same. The public has been fully informed that three senators and some 200 congressmen have allegedly enriched themselves in office through Janet Lim-Napoles’ various foundations. Nothing, so far, has been proven that such malfeasance happened, except though allegations and assertions by Napoles and whistle-blower Benhur Luy that grease money or checks transferred from one hand to another. The Filipino nation and the rest of the world know that already. The best thing for the government to do is push for the prosecution, not persecution, of the alleged guilty parties by filing separate cases against them with the Sandiganbayan. That will end everything.

This is becoming puritanical to those assigned to blame, mainly Justice Secretary Lilia de Lima, the National Bureau of Investigation and Malacanang. If the palace is crusading against corruption, then let the axe fall against the corrupt, for the longer is stays in the hands of the executioners, the harder it becomes to chop off their heads, figuratively speaking, because of the glaring inconsistencies in the testimonies of the accusers.

“Makasuhmut ya!”

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A theology professor of mine in college at the Ateneo succumbed to the “Big C” last week. Alvin Capino, a seminarian-turned-teacher-turned-journalist, wrote a weekly column in the Manila Standard and had a radio program in Manila. A great guy, Alvin was. He wrote 30 at the age of 64.

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This one’s for the thumb. Tim Duncan ain’t saying it, but he and the San Antonio Spurs almost got their fifth title last season had it not been for a free throw miscue by Leonard that would iced Game 6 on their home floor. In the ensuing play, ageless Ray Allen hit a trey from the corner on a pass from Cris Bosh that sent the game into overtime. The rest is bitter history for the Spurs and sweet, may be the sweetest, victory for Miami Heat.

Today, the Spurs and the Heat start the most important series in the NBA. Only three teams made it three-in-a-row — the Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers. Half-Filipino Erik Spoelstra aims to be the third coach to achieve the feat.

Neither team is my favorite, for I have been a Lakers fan since I was 10 years old. But the Spurs are playing like never before, all heated up and fired up, that could give Spoelstra’s chargers a run for their money.

I’m calling it for the Spurs, although sentimentally I should be rooting for the Heat because of Spoelstra’s roots. He visited the Philippines after Yolanda’s wrath. He called on the world to help the victims of that mighty storm. Gregg Popovich did not. But today’s game has nothing to do with Yolanda nor to Warays. It’s about basketball. The Spurs look likely to win the series in six games...unless.