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Monday, 09 June 2014 12:12



Hi folks! Just came home from a 10-day vacation in Manila and Laguna, where two of my children reside with their families. A day after my arrival, the Samsung Duo cellphone of my husband was stolen. Gosh, what a homecoming. I was faced with problems right away!

I reported it right away to the police and two investigators came to investigate our three helpers but no one admitted. PO2 Villacin and PO2 Taup said they’ll be coming back and forth until the cellphone will be returned. In a soft voice, I spoke to the elder one and told him to please return the cellphone, and with a twist, I said no one will be paid when I drive them out. I went to the. grocery for a while and when I came back, my Husband said his cellphone was returned. Well, I was glad, but then, I still drove them out without pay. I was right by doing it, because because somethings are missing, plus they destroyed my backdoor lock, and my key to the front door is missing. I guess they plan to rob our house once more, I locked from the inside too.

To top it all, somebody killed my puppy of 4 months old, given to me by DOT Director Mary June Bugante, four days after I fired the bastards. Again, I reported it to the Tetuan police station. This time, three investigators responded namely PO3 Funding, PO1 Bantiling, PO2 Dannik. Thanks to you guys for responding immediately! They are all under the control of their commanding officer Supt. Haywien Baluan Salvador. I’m hoping to see these guys inside jail!

The Lord has blessed me with another puppy, but a sick one that is under nourished. I had to take it to the veterinarian, Dra. Larin, who said the puppy is full of worms and very sick. I hope it will live!